Tuesday, November 14, 2017

etta's first birthday

Etta's birthday was on Sunday, so we decided to have her party that day, too. On Saturday night I ran to the dollar store to get a few helium balloons for the morning. When we all went downstairs on Sunday, the balloons were a hit. In fact, Etta preferred the balloons greatly over the toy we got her.

For breakfast, we had our traditional Dunkin Donuts fare.
The rest of the day was low-key and spent getting ready for the party. We did a taco bar for dinner. We shredded two Costco rotisserie chickens and put out all the fixings. I made this dairy-free and egg-free vegan chocolate cake with vegan buttercream frosting using Earth Balance vegan butter. Just as the case with Edith, Etta refused to smash her smash cake.
After dinner, we let her open presents. Etta was so happy to be the center of attention and loved the entire production of it.
I'm not going to lie, this was really surprising. Etta had a really intense case of stranger danger for most of her life, and just recently has become less skeptical. I thought for sure she would cling to us in the crowd and freak out if people paid her too much attention. I'm so glad she had such a good time and was so happy to be celebrated.

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