Friday, November 17, 2017

friday favorites

{1} Jon and I are drowning in toys. We have reached the point where we want to burn the house down and start over. Turns out, our library has a ton of toys you can borrow. We got our first toy this week (and we can keep it for 3 weeks) and it is a hit. I'm seriously considering donating 90% of our toys and relying on the library to mix things up. I'm going to start by going through all of the toys and putting the ones they rarely play with in a black garbage bag in the garage. If in a month or two they haven't asked for them (Elden is notorious for cycling back through toys months after he's lost interest in them and that has bitten me in the butt before) then they are being donated. No child needs the amount of toys that our kids have.

{2} I know. My first item discusses how much I hate ALL THE TOYS and then my second is spent gushing over the adorable tea set I found on Amazon for $22. Consider this my window shopping. I won't buy this for my kids but if I wasn't ready to burn it down I totally would.

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{3} Costco had these Japanese noodle bowls as samples the other day and I am hooked. They are vegan, every member of our family (except Elden, natch) likes them, and they are so delicious. Totally on par with takeout and for a fraction of the cost and calories.

{4} I can't speak to the comparison between these foot peels and the famous Baby Foot ones, but for a third of the price I am OBSESSED. I just did another peel this week and there are few things more satisfying in life than seeing my dead skin fall off. It's disgusting. It gives me life.

{5} I can officially say the baby-making chapter of our lives is finished. I got an IUD this week (in part so I don't make any rash I-want-a-baby-right-now-they-are-so-cute decisions) and now that I'm looking back I'm pretty sad about it. I keep reassuring myself that just because we are done making them, it does not mean we won't ever have another baby in our house. We still really want to foster and adopt, and even though right now isn't the right time for that, it doesn't mean the timing will always be off. Since I figured it would be best to spare you a photo of my uterus or my OBGYN inserting the IUD, here is Elden's stupidly cute school picture. Bow tie was his request--like father, like son indeed.

{6} I did it!! I cooked my first turkey! No one died! They said it was actually pretty good! You can find me on next season's Master Chef. I only had one (prolonged) mental breakdown but I am officially a #turkeyboss.

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  1. My kids have way too many toys!! I feel like putting a toy ban on for Christmas. Haha. And that is the coolest thing, borrowing them from the library. I am loving his school picture and I am impressed that you made a turkey! I've never made one. Our moms still do most of the cooking!

  2. Girl, this post is awesome! I stopped the baby factory five years ago. I haven't had a "want one" moment since. And my youngest is five now so I think I am in the clear! TOTALLY agree on the burn the house down and start over due to toys. Legos...craft EVERYWHERE! I plan to start tossing. However, I do love that your library offers that check out system. I need those foot peels in my life - asap. Just sayin'. Congrats on the turkey!