Friday, November 3, 2017


My company just renovated the building on campus that I should be in and are moving us all back today through Monday. Since my desk was all packed up yesterday, my boss said I could work from home today.

The timing couldn't be more perfect, though, because when Edith woke up from her nap yesterday she had a barking cough.

Yep, croup is upon us.

Poor girl had the hardest night ever (but from what I'm told, nights 2 and 3 will be worse) and kept waking up coughing and crying because her throat hurt and she felt so gross. We have a pediatrician appointment at 11 just to rule out anything else, but the fever and cough are pretty indicative of croup.

This weekend we didn't have anything besides dance class planned, so at least they don't have to miss out on fun activities. Etta swiped Edith's water yesterday so I suspect she will be the next one with a barking cough.

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  1. Oh yuck!! Both of my older boys are still getting over it. It sounds so terrible and they feel so yucky but they're through the worst of it. I hope she's feeling tons better by now and everyone else is spared!