Wednesday, November 8, 2017

gift guide for the whole family

At Christmas, Elden will be 5, Edith will be 3 and Etta will be 1. In our family we tend to do one "big" gift from us for the kids and 3 small gifts from Santa (usually totaling about $30/kid for the Santa gifts). We try to be really intentional and buy them things they get a lot of play out of instead of things we think will lose their charm quickly (like the requested Hatchimals this year).

{1} Waterproof kids action camera: This is the big gift we got Elden and Edith this year. Elden has been asking for a waterproof camera since he saw a kid at our pool with one early this summer and this was only $35 plus more highly rated / with a better camera than the VTech option I had originally been eyeing. 

{2} Pokemon belt: Elden is obsessed with Pokemon. I love this gift because it incorporates dress-up (a favorite activity) and you can buy more of the Pokeball clips for future gifts.

{3} Clip-on earrings: If you've seen any of my photos of Edith recently you may have noticed she is always wearing jewelry. She loves necklaces and clip-on earrings. She is also constantly losing her clip-on earrings. This is sure to be a hit with our dress-up obsessed girl.

{4} Grossery Gang: These are basically Shopkins geared towards boys. Elden is a collector of all the things...he loves adding random stuff to his "collection" and gravitates towards small items. He had picked out a small Grossery Gang blind bag with his allowance a while back and now he is obsessed. Just this morning he begged me to go downstairs with him right away because he wanted his Grossery Gang and they were on the couch.

{5} Stand mixer: Edith LOVES to play restaurant. She is constantly "cooking" for us and playing with her play food. Plus, this is a gift that will grow with her for at least a few years.

{6} Dance & Move Dog: Etta won't be getting much for Christmas this year since she is only 1 and has no idea what's happening, but this was a gift I knew she would love because she saw a mini version at the store and was obsessed with it.

{7} Play sink: Etta loves to look at herself in the mirror or on the front facing camera of our phones. This toy was a no brainer for the mirror feature and the little knobs and interactive aspect.

{8} Kitchen spices: Elden saw this in the store and loved it and since Edith is always playing with her toy food we knew this would be a hit with both kids.

{9} Ninja Chef High Powered Blender: I just wrote a full review on this blender, and this is Jon's and my Christmas gift to each other. It's a fantastic blender with an equally awesome price tag.

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up with us today!

  2. Thanks for linking up! That waterproof camera is awesome!! What a great idea! And we also have the Ninja blender and we use it every single day!

  3. That camera is such a fun idea! I think my oldest niece and nephew would love it.


  4. thanks for linking up with us! That dance and move dog is so fun, my boys have the robot version and love to play with it!

  5. Stopping by from the link up! I love these ideas. I like to be intentional and not go too over board as well! That water camera looks really neat! And affordable! My little girl loves the play jewelry as well! Love your kids names by the way!