Wednesday, November 1, 2017

halloween 2017 recap

I took the day off work on Halloween since Elden's school had a parade in the morning. It ended up being both a fun and productive day off!

For breakfast we made cinnamon rolls and had orange juice. Edith and I dropped Elden off at school then ran to the BMV to renew our registration and Target to pick up safety pins for Edith's costume and lollipops for the trick-or-treaters. After running home to get Jon and Etta, we headed back to Elden's school for the parade.

This little bee wouldn't sit still.
Once we left Elden's school, we headed home for lunch. Jon and I made this vegan mac and cheese the night prior and it was SO GOOD! Then we made the mistake of letting Elden and Edith watch Coraline. I was unfamiliar with the movie but Netflix suggested it and WHAT A MISTAKE. Thoroughly freaked both of them out.

While the kids napped, I had to run to Costco to get tires put on the van. I picked up a take and bake pizza for dinner while I waited. A few hours later, our friends came over for dinner and trick-or-treat!

It was COLD. When we left the house at 6 it was less than 40F out. We put long underwear and fleece pajamas under both kids' costumes, plus winter hats, gloves and scarves.
Etta stayed home with Jon and went to bed at the beginning of trick-or-treat, then he handed out the candy. My parents joined us. Edith and McKenzie were SO CUTE. Elden shocked me by informing me he didn't need me to walk up to the houses, yelling "trick or treat!" and saying thanks. My favorite part was when Edith saw Nicholas eating chips that a house had handed out. She told me she wanted chips too. Knowing I'd have to take off her gloves for chips, I tried getting her to eat candy instead. Nope, homegirl wanted her chips. So she's eating her chips and can't be bothered to hold her candy bucket. She ate and ate and told me she was getting the crumbs. At one point she told me her hands were cold so I said we could put her gloves back on but that would mean no more chips. She quickly informed me "I mean my hands aren't cold." #priorities
Edith stayed out for about an hour, and Elden lasted pretty much the entire 2 hours. I was cold.
Even though it was much colder than last year, the kids had a blast. 

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