Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Shark Ninja Chef High-Speed Blender Review

Jon and I had been on the hunt for a high-powered blender for several months now. Since he is vegan, I try to find recipes for meals that we both love but that he can eat. Hands down, my biggest issue with his vegan diet is cheese. I want all the cheese. Nay, I need all the cheese. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Jon's parents gave us this Ninja blender system our first married Christmas, so back in 2010. It has held up absolutely beautifully over the past 7 years. However, when I tried my hand at this vegan cashew "cheese," it just didn't give me the smooth consistency I desired. Since it wasn't a high powered blender it wasn't very surprising, but at that point I knew I wanted something better.

We went back and forth for weeks on this. Vitamix and Blendtec are the two obvious top contenders, but their price tags (most were $400+) matched their reputation. We are a family of five surviving on my income, so there just was no way we could justify spending that much on what is absolutely a luxury. Since we had such a great experience with our other Ninja system, we decided to bite the bullet and buy the Shark Ninja Chef High-Speed Blender despite there being basically no non-sponsored reviews since it was less than $200.

It arrived just over a week ago and we are SO happy with it! So far we've used it to make smoothies, sunflower seed butter, and soup. It is well constructed, powerful, and adequately blends whatever we put in it so there is no grit leftover. The best part is that it was a fraction of the price of its competitors.
The Ninja Chef blender has a high-speed blade design and Ninja's widest variable speed range. Coupled with the 1500-watt motor, this blender can cut through hard nuts to make the creamiest of butters.
A feature that I love about it is the cord storage on the back. It's such a simple concept, but for someone who has very limited counter space I love that I can wrap the excess cord up and out of the way.
Another perfect feature of this blender is the 10 preset programs. Since one of the main reasons we wanted a high powered blender was to make nut butter, having a preset for that makes life even easier. If your intended food isn't listed, there are also 10 manual mode speeds that you can adjust to fit your needs.
One of Jon's favorite features is the suction cups on the base. This obviously prevents the blender from moving all over the counter while blending since the motor is so strong.
We just used it to make another batch of hummus the other day.
As always, the results were creamy and delicious!
The final feature we love is the self cleaning mode for when you are done blending. Put a little soapy water in the blender, press the Clean button, and the blender does the rest! If that's too much work for you, everything except the base of this blender is top rack dishwasher safe!