Tuesday, November 28, 2017

thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving 2017 is in the books and was great! 

I had Wednesday off work. The kids were playing with the $2 slime you can get from Michael's when Edith said "ugh! Not AGAIN!" I asked her what was wrong and she had slime on her cheeks:

As I was cleaning it off I asked her why she did that. Her response? "I didn't! It fell on me." #okayliar

We spent Thanksgiving in Youngstown with Jon's family and Friday with my family. We ate so much food (my mom got Jon the famous Trader Joe's faux-turkey loaf - the verdict is it was really good) and spent quality time with our families. It was truly perfection.

Saturday morning was spent at the doctor. Elden and Edith needed flu shots and Etta had been sick for over 3 weeks--she got croup and the croup went away but she never got healthy. We learned some valuable lessons:
1. if you have two children who are getting flu shots one before the other, keep the second child out of the room because he will lose his ever-loving mind when his sibling starts crying
2. always drive separately when the flu shot / doctor appointments are an hour apart.

After that marathon morning we went home and did nothing until my sister took Elden and Edith on the Polar Express!

Sunday we had church and then did nothing and it was glorious. Or maybe we put up our tree. We put up our tree at some point this weekend but I don't recall which day.

Now I would like to talk to you about this vegan breaded "chicken." GUYS IT IS SO GOOD. I honestly prefer it to real chicken because I am hella weird about gristle (hork) so you get all the benefits of chicken without the killing of said chicken and gristle! I ate a whole lot of it.

Finally, yesterday someone on our local moms Facebook page offered up her Groupon for free pizza, salad, and a 2-liter because it was about to expire and she couldn't redeem it herself.. so we got free pizza for dinner! It ended up being an extra big blessing because work was insanity yesterday and I left really late.

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