Wednesday, November 15, 2017

the most fun homemade gift ever

I am a scientist / engineer. Math and science are my strengths. Try as I might, I am not artistic. This is pretty odd considering I hail from parents who met at art school--my dad is a professional photographer and my mom is a professional artist. This girl? All left brain.

Thanks a lot, genetic variation.

LUCKILY! My mom is crazy talented. She also greatly enjoys crafting. This means I have my own personal resource for all things arts and crafts. More importantly, my kids can reap the benefit of having a family member that can make their wildest craft dreams come true since I can't do that for them.

For Etta's first birthday, my mom used patterns from Lia Griffith to make the cutest little felt garden I have ever seen.
^the worms and potato bugs were my mom's brainchild--no pattern necessary! These are Elden's favorite part of the garden.
There are also mushrooms, but Edith likely put them in one of her many purses and I was too tired to hunt them down. Etta loves taking everything out of the garden, I love putting everything back in the garden, and Edith loves carrying the vegetables in a basket around the house. This is absolutely a present that I will hold onto for eternity.

If you want something similar, you could either join Lia's website to download the patterns, or you could find a variety of felt vegetables / felt gardens by searching for them on Etsy. Honestly, looking at all the stuff Lia offers on her website, I am seriously considering trying my hand at them. It will likely end in disaster, but they are just too cute to pass up. 

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  1. I LOVE that!! Your mom needs an Etsy shop!!