Tuesday, November 21, 2017

told you so

Jon made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast Sunday morning. Etta ate in just a diaper because chocolate and clothes don't mix. When she had finished, Jon and I were still eating so he just decided to take off her diaper and let her have some naked time while we finished up.

Jon: I hope she doesn't pee on the floor.
Etta: (1 minute later) *pees on floor*
 ^She was quite proud of herself.

So once we got the pee (and Etta's feet/legs) cleaned up, I recommended Jon put her in a diaper because poop would be next.

Jon: She won't poop, she already pooped this morning.
Danielle: Okay, but if she poops on the floor you're responsible for cleanup.
Etta: (5 minutes later)
I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.While he was cleaning up, Jon kept lamenting, "Etta! You betrayed me! I gave you freedom and you pooped on the floor." Can't say I didn't warn him!

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