Thursday, November 16, 2017

turkey update

If you read yesterday's post, you know that times were tough in Casa de Flip.

Thank God for my village, Google, and divine intervention.

Jon put the turkey in a water bath for most of my time at work. This means it was thawedish when I got home.

In addition to the turkey, I had to make vegan sour cream (Etta was eating it by the spoonful, if that's any indication of its taste) and three quiches for new mama meals (one was a spinach, leek and Gruyere quiche, one was a spinach, leek and Brussels sprout quiche, and one was a bacon quiche). Since I was terrified of the turkey I did all that cooking first.

Guys, it was traumatic, but I did it. I recorded the sordid tale in my Instagram stories (@daniellefilipko) if you'd like to watch me freak out. But I did it!
Today's challenge involves not overcooking or undercooking it and praying I used enough (but not too much!) salt. Who would have thought that as an engineer who has tackled classes such as differential equations, calculus, and organic chemistry something like preparing a turkey would be my biggest practical challenge?

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