Monday, November 6, 2017

weekending and storms

On Friday I was able to get Edith into the pediatrician. Thank goodness, too, because they gave her steroids which made that night SO much better for her.
While we were gone, Etta managed to find and pilfer an entire apple. Apparently she's quite excited to finally have teeth and is putting them to good use!
On Saturday, we laid low. At one point we headed over to Target to get a few items we can't buy from Aldi (these foil pans, etc.). The kids perused the 70% off Halloween aisles.
Sunday was another day of doing nothing. I ran to church briefly Sunday morning but otherwise we stayed home all day. Jon snapped this photo of Etta and I LOVE it because this is how Elden used to sleep, too.
I also did some cooking and baking this weekend. I made my favorite cookie bars:
I also made a quiche with bacon, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. I followed this recipe and added the vegetables/removed the cheese (and subbed non-dairy milk) so Etta could also eat it.
Sunday night things got insane. We had been under a tornado watch all day but the weather seemed fine. We ran to Aldi at 5 pm and when we left it was pouring but not really windy. During the 6-minute drive home, things got really gusty. Stuff was flying off trees and hitting the van. We pulled into the garage and when we opened the doors to get out we were greeted by the most intense wind (it was howling) I've ever experienced. Jon looked outside, looked at me, and said "I think we should go in the basement." - Jon is NEVER the one to suggest the basement so I knew things were not good, especially since we had two trees in the backyard the towered over our house. Within a minute of us closing the garage door we had lost power. Thankfully it only stayed out about 3 minutes and came back on. As soon as we got in the basement we got alerts that we were under a tornado warning. I checked the local mom Facebook page and found out tornado sirens were going off the town over (which is basically across the street from us). Once it quieted down I surveyed the yard and neighborhood. There are tree limbs down everywhere, a lot of people have no power (and it may not be restored until Wednesday night) and there are rumors we got hit by at least one tornado. As far as I could tell in the dark, our house escaped unscathed, but Jon needs to survey the roof in the daylight.
This morning Etta woke up with a particularly bad case of croup, so we are going to try to get her into the pediatrician today. Edith also has a well visit this afternoon which may turn into a sick visit since she isn't well, but we'll see. Can I get a punch card for the doctor?

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