Wednesday, November 22, 2017

what's up wednesday

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What we're eating this week:

 Instant Pot Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup

Traditional Thanksgiving fare

Vegan Cincinnati-style chili with vegan sour cream

What I'm reminiscing about:

I can't believe that Elden is such a self sufficient little human now. The other day he asked us for a paper plate and then disappeared. We didn't hear or see anything else about it until he presented Jon with this self-portrait as a belated birthday gift:
He figured out where the markers and glue were and did the rest himself. This was definitely his sneakiest/sweetest project to date and wasn't he just a baby yesterday?

What I'm loving:

UberEats. I really wanted food over the weekend but I looked like this:
So UberEats it was! That was my first experience and it was awesome. And yes, I took off the face peel before the driver arrived.

What we've been up to:

On Sunday we took the bigs to Wild Kratts Live. To be honest, for the cost of the tickets it was a bit lackluster. The kids really enjoyed it though so I guess it was worth it!

What I'm dreading:

Snow, although the kids' excitement over the flurries is so sweet.

What I'm working on:

I joined Planet Fitness two weeks ago and I am actually doing a pretty decent job of going. I try to do about 45 minutes of cardio and then rotate between arms or legs, but I also totally don't know what I'm doing so I kind of slyly observe those who do know what they are doing and then attempt to replicate that. 

What I'm excited about:

Thanksgiving! In the morning we will have a slow start with the parade and breakfast. We will eventually make our way to Youngstown to celebrate with Jon's mom's side of the family. The next day we will celebrate with my family! 

What I'm watching:

Since The Mindy Project ended, we are watching Modern Family and The Goldberg's.

I'm also watching the kids watch our new Grinch inflatable. This is the scene in our living room basically every day.

What I'm listening to:

The Score, The Maine, and Fall Out Boy.

What I'm wearing:

These shoes are the best workout shoes ever.

I also love these high-waisted leggings.

What I'm doing:

Deal hunting! We are primarily done with our Christmas shopping and I have been a coupon stacking queen. That being said, I am still on the hunt for free shipping Shutterfly coupon codes so if you have any to spare I'd love if you'd share with me!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

This weekend we went to see our friends, Heather and Paul, and their brood / newest addition. Our kids are perfectly matched playmates and we obviously love having adult interaction. We planned a play date for December and I cannot wait!

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