Friday, December 15, 2017

five on friday

{1} TOMORROW! The Day of Kindness! Come back tomorrow night through Tuesday night to share what kind things you did with my link-up.

{2} Part of Jon's Christmas present arrived yesterday. I got it from Etsy and I am in love with the packaging! I will share the details after Christmas.

{3} It has been cold. Elden also had his first snow day of the school year yesterday and naturally all the kids want to do right now is play in it. Since I didn't want to go outside in the teen-digit temps, I brought the outside in. Nothing some snow in a bowl, a towel and gloves can't fix. Win/win.

{4} Well, this little lady had an ER visit on Wednesday night. Jon was getting his haircut (because of course this stuff happens when the prone-to-panic parent is flying solo) when Etta fell with a pen in her mouth. All I could tell was the back of her throat was bleeding so I called the after hours line. The nurse spoke with a doctor who instructed us to head in because there are soft spots in the back of the throat that could be easily damaged. Thankfully (and shockingly) the ER waiting room was entirely empty when we arrived and most importantly it was just a scrape! It took longer to wait on the paperwork for discharge than we waited for the doctor. 

{5} Swagbucks. I had a hate/hate relationship with Swagbucks previously, but we are starting to get serious about saving for our first (and likely only) Disney trip in a few years. I'm part of a Disney  group on Facebook and the ladies there encouraged me to try again to earn extra money for the trip. I've been reading up on tips and tricks for getting the most out of Swagbucks with the least amount of time, and I am currently at $26 earned in just three days. Granted, most of those earnings are a result of a charitable donation I made, but the organization I donated to (Mercy Ships) is one that I really love. I figure I can average at least 100 points per day without offers such as the donation one, which doesn't seem like much--but after three years would come out to around $1000! That would be a huge help for Disney!

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  1. Oh poor thing! That’s so scary. My youngest terrifies me with all his daredevil tendencies. But yet he’s so much fun!! Happy Weekend!