Thursday, December 21, 2017

five on friday

{1} I am d-o-n-e with work for 2017! Every year my entire company shuts down (paid) from the last work day before Christmas Eve through the first of the year. And let me tell you... it's been a week. I needed this break. This month has been particularly insane because my coworker who has the same responsibilities I do took the entirety of December off with his accumulated PTO. That means I've had double the work. It's been nuts.

{2} Santa came to visit Elden's preschool this week. He asked for "Grosseries," which confused the ever-loving eff out of Santa. I'm pretty sure Santa thought we were short on food.

{3} Speaking of Elden, I found this drawing in his room after quiet time this week. I asked him why Jon and I were crossed out. Without skipping a beat, he responds, "because I'm better than you." We must have done something to anger him.

{4} This girl - so much spunk and pizzazz. She must have a necklace on at all times. She often wears only socks, underpants and a necklace. I love her so.

{5} This one keeps us on our toes. She is always getting into something, always demanding our attention, always making us laugh. Her favorite game right now is to take my phone when the kids are Facetiming someone and run off with it so you chase her. The person we are Facetiming with is treated to a Blair Witch-style experience with the soundtrack of unadulterated giggles. Honestly? It's the best.


  1. Because i am better than you.... 😂😂😂😂- best line ever. Merry Christmas!