Wednesday, December 13, 2017

what we've been up to (and a link-up reminder!)

Has time gotten away from anyone else lately, or is it just me?

I feel like every day is spent running - I go from bed to work to home to dinner to errands to bedtimes to cleaning to the gym to bed. We haven't even had made a fire in our fireplace this month! It's just too much effort and we don't really have time to sit and enjoy it.

I digress.

This week the kids got letters from Santa from the actual North Pole:
 They were really excited and Elden has asked me to read his letter 5 times already.


Elden and Edith have been sleeping in the bunk beds in Edith's room for weeks now. It began because Elden said he was too scared to sleep in his room by himself. We were able to temporarily stop that by leaving his door open, but when that lost its efficacy we let them sleep in the same room. Now sleeping in the same room isn't sufficient for him so we've evolved into DIY tent making. 2/3 of the tent poles are actually brand new wrapping paper tubes and the third is a broom handle. Fitted sheets work wonders in this case because they hold onto the posts, no restraints required.
Because building them bunk bed tents wasn't crazy enough, they are constantly fighting over who gets to sleep on the "down" as Edith says because the cats will occasionally come in at night and join the bottom resident in their bed. As such, every night they switch. This means that every. single. night. we are moving pillows and blankets and stuffed animals between the beds.


Edith had a tea party with Jon in her "castle" while Elden was at school and Etta was napping.


This is my last full week of work for the year. My company shuts down for the holidays every year, in this case from next Friday to early January - which is one of the biggest perks of working here. On Friday night the kids are sleeping over our parents' houses. We also have a Christmas party, the Christmas program at church and the kids' last dance class of 2017 this week.

Don't forget that this Saturday is the Day of Kindness! I will be putting a link-up on my blog beginning Saturday night at midnight and it will be open through Tuesday night so if you can't get around to blogging about what you did this weekend you can do it early next week!

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