Thursday, January 25, 2018

a day in the life

I always love taking a peek into other's lives, so I figured I would do my own day in the life post.

On this day, I got up with my first alarm at 6:06 am. I know, it's an odd time to have an alarm set for. I laid in bed and completed some of my Swagbucks To Do list.
Around 6:20 I got up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on some powder and mascara and got dressed.

Downstairs at 6:28, I started my coffee (God bless my Keurig), got my shoes on and started some nCraves on my laptop.

Since the kids all decided to sleep in, I was able to get out the door by 6:35. On this particular day I actually listened to the radio on my way. I usually sit in glorious silence (I am not a morning person) for my 38-minute commute, but I felt like listening to music today.
Arrive at work, fire up my laptop and get to it. My degrees are in biomedical engineering, but my full-time job is more of a mechanical/electrical engineering/project management gig. That being said, I also work part-time as a quality manager for a friend's medical device start-up. That's a night/weekend deal so I do it totally remotely.
My work days are usually spent coordinating with sales, vendors, field engineers and customers, figuring out how to interface my company's equipment with our competitor's equipment, and ordering parts. I keep a box of instant maple and brown sugar oatmeal on my desk and will usually have a packet for breakfast.
All throughout the day my Fitbit also reminds me to get up and walk, so you can find me either walking in place at my desk (we have standing desks) or lapping the break room.
I am also part of my company's leadership and philanthropic committees, and on this particular day we had a working lunch meeting. I usually work through lunch anyway so I can get home to the kids more quickly (I really do love my company and their flexibility / my ability to make my own schedule) so this wasn't too outside my norm.
Around 3:15 I left work for the day. 
I usually talk to Jon/the kids on the phone during my commute home while Jon preps dinner. As soon as I walk in the door around 3:50, I typically have Etta attached to my person and try to give the older kids a lot of attention.
On this particular day, Elden had fallen asleep during quiet time. Whenever that happens he is incredibly difficult to wake up so I usually have to go get him when I get home.
We eat dinner around 4 every day because we are ninety years old.
After dinner the kids get to watch one episode of TV. I usually do the dishes or pick up the house while they are watching.
After TV we will either spend time together or run errands. On this particular day we didn't feel like going anywhere so we stayed in and played Pop the Pig and Guess Who. Etta remained glued to my person.
At 6 pm, Etta goes up for her bath, bottle and bed. One of us will do this while the other spends time with Elden and Edith.
Around 6:45, we get the big kids a snack and they will often play on their Leap Pads. This game and this game are their favorites lately.
At 7 pm we take them up for their bath. The nice thing about their ages is we can pretty much leave them to it unsupervised. We will pick up their rooms a bit, lay out their pajamas, etc. while they play in the tub. We pop in and out every few minutes and then go in around 7:25 to wash their hair, floss and brush their teeth, and get them out. Once they're dressed we read a story and I will take turns cuddling with each of them for a few minutes while Jon sings to the other one.
Usually by 8 pm we are out of their room (Elden basically moved into Edith's room). On weeknights I typically then get ready to head out to the gym while Jon gets ready to ride his bike. He has a bike trainer that adjusts its resistance based on a virtual reality course he rides. It's actually really cool (he can ride in real time with other people all over the world) and it's nice that we both get to work out without having to worry about childcare.
I wasn't feeling the gym on this particular night so after half an hour on the elliptical I ran to Aldi to get a few groceries before they closed. Full disclosure: I totally went through the McDonalds drive through on my way home because #balance.
I get home from the gym anywhere between 9 and 9:30 pm. My first order of business when I get home is to finish cleaning and pack my lunch for the next day. Big messes stress me out and I can't relax if I see a disaster around me. Waking up to a big mess is also a horrible way to start my day so I like to have the house mostly cleaned up before I go to bed.
Jon and I will usually watch an episode or two on TV. We have been watching shows we miss during their typical air time during the week (The Goldbergs, Modern Family and Superstore mostly) on Netflix or Hulu Plus. I'll usually work on Swagbucks at this time.
Around 10 I will head upstairs to take a quick shower. I like to get in bed by 10:30 at the latest and I usually will putz around on my phone until 11 pm. Our days are all pretty similar because we are creatures of habit and our kids thrive under routine. Weekends are a lot more laid back--my gym closes at 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday so if I do work out I do it during nap time--but our weekdays follow pretty similar schedules.

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