Tuesday, January 23, 2018

etta at 14 months

Major third child problems - I hardly ever have posts dedicated to just Etta. At 14 months old, Etta is wearing primarily 18-24M clothing. She is easily our pickiest eater for her age - she is very sure of what she wants to eat and if we do not figure it out she expresses her disdain by throwing whatever it is we present her with on the floor. Etta has her 8 front teeth (4 top/bottom) and her molars have cut through the gums. She is a walking machine and often sprints to where she wants to be. Etta loves Elden and Edith and is right there trying to do what they're doing. We have introduced some dairy cooked in food (if you missed it, she has FPIES to dairy) but she was very cranky and experienced GI issues those days so we mostly avoid it. Etta does not have a large vocabulary - her primary words are uh oh, Pip, Mama, and Dada - but she shakes her head no if she doesn't want something and has a clear understanding of things you ask her (can you bring me that, can you give this to Dad, etc.) so we are not concerned at this point. She loves twirly skirts and accessories arguably more than Edith so that should be a lot of fun as she gets older. Etta is probably our most cautious child for her age and often clings to me when we are in new places or around new people or the vacuum is running. She has been a fantastic sleeper at night and is down to one nap per day. Much like her siblings, she is happiest when she is naked and/or in the bath--my favorite thing is when she is playing in the evening and I ask her if she wants to take a bath, she will drop whatever she is engaged in and run to the steps. This child of ours is definitely stubborn and opinionated, but she is constantly cracking us up.

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