Friday, January 26, 2018

five on friday

{1} I shared a day in our pretty tame lives yesterday. I feel as though I deserve a pat on the back for documenting an entire day in photo format. Pat pat.

{2} This popped up in my Timehop today. This was taken in the bathroom of my little garden apartment in Chicago. We were so fresh faced and young!

{3} This friggin kid. I walked in the bathroom last night and he was sitting like that during his bath. Then this morning the photo on the left was in my Timehop! Some things never change!

{4} The bathroom purchases are trucking along. We purchased everything in that photo (except the toilet because we replaced that not long after we first bought the house and the shiplap because we still aren't sure whether we will do it). Now my dilemma is finding an above the toilet storage cabinet with doors that matches the vanity and mirror. I am having 0 luck finding something I like, that will do what I want it to and that doesn't clash with the other components.

{5} Moms hip hop grew again this week! We had to move to the big studio and as usual it was so much fun. This is definitely my favorite weeknight!

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  1. Love your bathroom picks! Have you tried wayfair for over-the-toilet shelving? We had good luck there and at Homegoods, shockingly enough. Also, your little guy is too cute haha my boys do quite the same thing!

  2. Looove your bathroom picks, especially those lights! Also, those comparison pictures are too cute!