Monday, January 29, 2018

helping a preschooler understand dates and time

Elden likes to be aware of what is happening and when at all times. He is our child most affected by deviations to schedules and plans. For a long while he would come into our rooms at 5 am (or earlier) until we bought this alarm clock.

That's my first tip - get a clock that changes colors when it's time to wake up. It has saved our sanity. Furthermore, it has a button he can press that will state what the current time is.

Trying to figure out the best way to help him anticipate what was happening that day (without reminding him multiple times per day when he would ask) was a little bit trickier. Then I had an idea to print out a blank calendar of the month with specific symbols that we could easily explain to him. For instance, ABC means a school day, the church means we are going to church, the ballet shoes mean they have dance class, etc. MOM means I am taking what would be a normal work day off work.
I started doing this in December and it has made SUCH a huge difference! Elden went from asking us what we were doing 5-10 times per day to not at all. He crosses out the day it is currently first thing that morning and all throughout the day goes back and references it. As we approached the end of the month, he began reminding me he needs a new calendar because he is almost out of days to cross off. I definitely recommend doing this for your child. I designed it all in Picmonkey using images I found on the internet but if you are at all artistic you could just print off a blank calendar and draw in the symbols.

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