Monday, January 22, 2018

master bathroom design project

It's official! We signed with our contractor to help us remodel our master bath. This is going to be done on a very tight budget, and as such, we will be DIYing a decent portion of it.

So far our plans are as follows:
-contractor will rip out existing shower / pan, replace valves in the wall, install new shower / pan, door, and faucet
-contractor will relocate light fixture to wall and patch ceiling
-contractor will install new bathroom fan that has a built-in light
-we will rip out existing tile floor and ultimately lay luxury vinyl planks
-we will replace the vanity with a new one
-we will tear down the wallpaper and paint
-we will uninstall and reinstall the toilet (which we are reusing)
-we will install shiplap on the vanity wall if the budget allows it

Right now our contractor is looking to see if we can get the shower surround we wanted to buy to fit (it is 2" deeper than what he recommends so he has a call out to the manufacturer to get some specs). If we can't go that route we will likely choose one of the following surrounds:

Originally I was leaning towards the gray subway tile but the more I look at the carrara the more I prefer it. I'm hoping it's not even a decision I have to make because we really liked the original stall we chose (plus it is a lot cheaper than these options!) but I'm finally getting excited about this remodel!

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