Wednesday, January 10, 2018

my baby isn't a baby anymore

Elden has hit a couple huge milestones this week. He's had a loose tooth for a while but it started to turn gray and he was constantly complaining about it. To make sure it was nothing serious we took him to the dentist yesterday morning.

He was very resistant at first but he ultimately complied. Laughing gas + numbing cream + Novocaine and that sucker came right out: 

The other big milestone that you might notice in the photo below is he is now in a booster seat:
I can't believe it. He got his teeth early (his first four cut at 4 months old) so I shouldn't be surprised that he lost a tooth before he hit 5.5, but it's honestly kind of freaking me out a bit. I can only imagine what kindergarten is going to do to me.

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  1. He is so cute! My older kids were early teethers and they all lost their first tooth between their 5th birthday and when they turned 5 1/2. Glad it came out easily! Thank you for linking up with us for our first Welcome Wednesday!