Thursday, January 11, 2018

ten on ten

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

The first thing I do after I wake up in the morning is fire up Swagbucks and begin my To Do list. This is an easy way to start my day and get me in the mood to be productive.
On this particular morning, Elden and Edith slept in, so I made my coffee and got ready. Before I left for work I woke Elden up because the Tooth Fairy had paid him a visit and I wanted to see how he responded. First he said she didn't come (there was nothing under his pillow; she had replaced his tooth in its little tooth holder with a dollar), then he said he thought she brought him ten (!!) dollars. He was content with his dollar bill.

I drink coffee on my way into work and on the 10th I was still sipping on it when I walked in. Love my trusty mug.
Once I got all settled, it was time to dive in. Lately I've been getting new projects in groups of 3-10 at a time. When I walked into work on this morning I had three new projects assigned to me.
Every hour my Fitbit yells at me to walk. It's kind of nice to be reminded but sometimes it can get really annoying.
I eat lunch at my desk while I work. This day's lunch included a salami sandwich on homemade bread, a cheese stick, an orange, and chili cheese Fritos because #balance.
Since I get in early and work through lunch, I usually leave work by 3:30. On the 10th I headed home, got everyone ready, and we headed to my parents' house for family dinner because my sister is moving to Florida today. Just getting some Elroy and Aunt Jacqui cuddles in:
Hurry home and get the kids bathed and in bed.
My personal favorite from the day...I am part of a local mom's Facebook page. Back in December I put out a call to arms for a mom's hip hop dance class. The group delivered and the 10th was our first night! It was SO FUN you guys, not to mention a great way to meet other moms! 10/10, would recommend. 
Finally, head home, pack a lunch, shower and get to bed for the night.

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