Wednesday, January 31, 2018

what's up wednesday

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What we're eating this week:
Ok, so I technically made this pizza last week, but it gave me life. Jon made the dough (he has changed his recipe slightly to incorporate whole wheat flour) and for toppings I did some grape seed oil, caramelized onions, sliced pear, thyme, and a little bit of mozzarella topped with a honey drizzle. Oh my goodness, it was fantastic.

I was supposed to be vegan this month but totally forgot and ate meat on Jan 1! I told Jon I'd start in February so a lot of my focus has been on meal planning for that.

I've also made 4 batches of these pickles in the past week and a half.

What I'm reminiscing about:
Elden looks mostly the same, but Edith and Etta look so much older after just a year! I can't believe that in the fall we will have one in kinder and one in preschool.

What I'm loving:
Elden is a total bookworm. He loves story books, but he also has a huge appreciation for non-fiction books and runs to check out books about sea creatures, mummies, volcanoes, etc. At our last library trip he discovered a bunch of children's science experiment books. Oh my goodness, he is obsessed. Honestly, this one is fantastic. The idea to use mini marshmallows and dried pasta to build is such an easy one with items we already had in our pantry! There is also an experiment using just food coloring, water and corn starch we plan on doing soon. This is the other one we checked out and it is great, too!

What we've been up to:

House projects galore. We had to have our basement waterproofed where we had a vertical crack in the foundation. We still have to finish up the kids' bathroom refresher (#slackers) and then we are starting on our master bath renovation.

What I'm dreading:

Our electric bill. We have the misfortune of living in an all-electric house. That means our heat and hot water tank run off electricity and not gas, which is much cheaper. We are fortunately on the payment plan (so we pay the same amount each month and it all balances out at the end of the year) but thanks to our colder than average November and December we currently have a $450 balance on our account. We had to run off aux heat instead of our more efficient heat pump while our basement was waterproofed (our heat pump was right where they needed to be so we had to disconnect it) so I suspect this balance will grow and lead to an increase in our monthly payment.

What I'm working on:

Swagbucks - I've been on a roll lately. So far I have cashed out for $350 in Disney gift cards in the past month. We also talked to our families who all expressed interest in going with us so we have made the decision to stay off site when the time comes (keep in mind we still have 2+ years until we go!) which will save us so much money!

What I'm excited about:
Valentine's Day. My mom came over and brought some little stickers and Valentine's cards for the kids to do and they had so much fun that Elden asked to make all of his school Valentines this year. We don't typically do much to celebrate, but I plan on getting the kids each something small.

What I'm watching:

Modern Family, Superstore, The Goldbergs.

What I'm listening to:

What I'm wearing:

Nothing of note.

What I'm doing:
Searching incessantly for a friggin bathroom storage cabinet that will match our new pieces.

What I'm looking forward to next month:

Superbowl Sunday! Not because I actually care about the teams (although I genuinely hope the cheating Patriots lose) or even the commercials, but because our family tradition is to do appetizers for dinner. I already started making a list of vegan appetizer options and I am most excited about this dip and these zucchini fries.

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