Monday, February 12, 2018

best ever vegan mexican pizza (recipe)

As I am sure the universe knows, Friday was National Pizza Day. Jon had texted me that morning to inquire what toppings I wanted on my pizza and when I told him I was craving Mexican pizza he told me he was as well.

I called BS because we haven't had or discussed Mexican pizza in over a year, but alas--it was so, and he didn't know how to make it be given the whole vegan sitch.

Not to toot my own horn here, but toot-mother effing-toot. I was a pizza genius and we pulled off the most incredible pizza ever (no lie, I will 100% eat this pizza even when not doing a vegan challenge).
Please forgive me in advance as this is more of a loose guideline of how we achieved this piece of perfection. If you have any questions or need clarification, please comment below and I will answer!

Step 1. Prepare pizza dough. Jon always makes his own. I may have him update that original recipe because he has been playing with an all purpose/whole wheat flour blend over the past few months and has finally reached a place of satisfaction with it.

Step 2. Prepare your vegan cheese and vegan sour cream. This is step 2 because you do need to soak the raw cashews for a bit of time before making them. We buy our raw cashews from Trader Joe's--it's $6.99 for 1 pound there. Please note that I have tried four different vegan cheese recipes, and in my humble opinion the one I linked to blows the rest out of the water. I don't know why I ever bother experimenting with new recipes (looking at you, Superbowl Sunday) because they all suck in comparison to that one.

Step 3. Prepare your black beans. Jon's mom often gives us batches of her homemade sofrito which we freeze for cooking. Jon will break off a chunk of the frozen sofrito and cook it on the stove with a can of black beans or rehydrated dried beans (which is a whole other process in and of itself). He also uses tomato paste, but you could use taco sauce for this purpose. 

Step 4. Roll out the pizza dough and top it. We used taco sauce as the sauce and added the black beans. Begin baking. When the dough seems pretty much cooked (refer to my original dough recipe for details) you can add the cheese to the top and pop it back in the oven. 

Step 5. Add any other taco toppings you'd like. We added our sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes, but you could add onion, avocado, etc.

Step 6. Eat your face off.

Bonus: You can use the leftover cheese and beans to make vegan taco salad the next day that is just as delicious as the pizza. I am actually salivating over this right now.

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