Monday, February 26, 2018

bomba tacos and rum (date night!)

On Friday night, we unloaded the kids at their grandparents' (thank you!!!) for the night and headed down to Fairlawn for a group date night with some friends from church.

For dinner we decided to eat at Bomba Tacos & Rum. Now is a good time to tell you that this post is in no way sponsored, I just can't keep quiet about how great our experience was!

We chose Bomba because they had plenty of vegan-friendly options for Jon. This is super rare (we are lucky to find 1 vegan option any time we dine out) so we were both pretty excited.

Our waitress was incredibly helpful. We mentioned Jon was vegan and she happened to be, too, so she was able to give us a run down on all the things he could eat and what substitutions/omissions should be made to comply with his diet.

We began with a side of plantains minus the lime crema. Jon didn't think he would like them because he tends not to like the sweet plantains, but he was amazed by how delicious they were. He also hates onion but when I told him the green onions added a layer of depth to the dish he tried it with the green onions and enjoyed it!
I also had the Brazilian Red Sangria which was amazing.
With our tacos, we ordered the fire roasted salsa. It came with tortilla chips, plantains and malanga. Jon is now obsessed with malanga (we had never heard of or tried it before) and wants to grow it. We decided to do the 10 tacos for $30 and I am SO GLAD we did!
I got the Rio-style chicken, roasted cauliflower, crispy avocado, roasted Brussels sprouts and braised beef tacos. The chicken was my favorite, mostly because I loved the peanut crumbs--it reminded me almost of a pad Thai taco? I don't know how to explain it besides saying it was bomb. Jon had two of the sweet potato tacos, one roasted Brussels sprout taco, and the cauliflower and crispy avocado tacos. He loved all of them but the Brussels sprout taco was his favorite.
I wasn't able to finish mine because I also had a charred pineapple margarita. This is the first time I have ever had a margarita and OH MY HEAVENS I NEED IT. I took home my cauliflower and Brussels sprouts tacos and when I woke up Saturday morning my first order of business was eating them for breakfast and now I think every day should begin with Bomba tacos.

Despite it being a busy Friday night with a larger party, the service we experienced was incredible and was topped only by the taste of the food. We have never been to a restaurant so accommodating to Jon's dietary requirements (they even split his and my tacos apart onto 2 trays since I was eating non-vegan) with so many incredible choices. I am already plotting our next date night just so I can eat all the tacos again.

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  1. Those tacos look delicious. Can't say I've ever heard of malanga. I tried plantains for the first time last September, when I was in Ecuador. Pretty good.