Friday, February 16, 2018

five on friday

I haven't blogged much this week since the shooting in Florida. I'm very jaded and angry with both sides of our government for their inability to find some sort of middle ground that they can both live with at the cost of more children's lives each day. I don't have solutions. I feel helpless. And I am heartbroken for these families. We need to do something. We need to suck it up and realize that we probably won't be 100% happy with whatever new legislation is made, but something needs to happen.

{1} I've pretty much fallen off the vegan challenge bandwagon this week thanks to eating my feelings. For Valentine's Day, though, I did make a vegan pasta primavera and it was everything. I used vegan mozzarella cheese, omitted any sort of cream (I just used extra veggie broth), added Brussel's sprouts, and omitted mushrooms. This will always be a favorite of ours regardless of whether we are eating vegan, along with the vegan Mexican pizza we made a week ago.

{2} Etta climbed into Elden's lap the other day and he was more than happy to cuddle with her. This boy loves his sisters so much and that brings me so much joy.

{3} This little lady rocking her Valentine's Day best makes me happy.

{4} Babywearing is how we survived the early months of all our children's lives. Today there is a 45% off Lillebaby carriers deal on Amazon.

{5} We decided to do something fun with a small portion of our tax refund this year. We snagged a Groupon for the local Great Wolf Lodge and we will be staying for a night in the KidCabin suite in March! All three of our kids are obsessed with playing in water so I know it will be a big hit. 

BONUS PSA FOR THOSE NEAR CEDAR POINT: This year they are offering free season passes for kids ages 3-5 (2 and under are free). You have to sign up online here (look for the Free Pre-K Pass!) and then go pick up the pass from Cedar Point before June 29. They are also running a BOGO sale for President's Day on adult single day passes.

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  1. Hi! Stopping by through the linkup. Your kids are so cute! And your daughter's Valentine's day outfit is adorable! I've never been to a Great Wolf Lodge, but I've heard great things. Sounds like a really fun vacation!