Thursday, February 1, 2018

the vegan diaries (day 0)

I'm writing this on January 31 as I anticipate starting a vegan diet for the month of February tomorrow. Back when we adopted Pip, one of my bargaining chips with Jon was that I would attempt to be vegan for a month. I was originally supposed to do that in January, but I totally forgot and on day 1 I ate meat and dairy.

Overall, I don't anticipate this month being too outside my comfort zone--I eat a lot of vegan food anyway because I don't feel like cooking so I just have what Jon makes. I'm hoping the keys to my success will be meal planning and self control since it is hard to find ready to eat snacks or food that are vegan.

On tonight's agenda I am going to make this vegan ranch dressing and this vegan coffee creamer (though I will substitute dates for the coconut for the sweetness factor because we already have dates in the fridge). For meals tomorrow, I am hoping to do the following:
I'm curious to see if I feel or look any differently by the end of the month. Jon thinks I will lose weight and have more energy. Can't say I would be mad if either of those are true. He also thinks I will no longer miss cheese by the end of the month but I'm here to say that's probably not going to happen! 

I should also specify for those unfamiliar that my month of vegan dieting means eating foods that do not contain:
-cow's milk or its derivatives (whey) 
-any other animal's milk (sheep, goat, etc.)
-meat, including fish

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  1. My favorite vegan food blogs are oh she glows, blissful basil, and minimalist baker, in case you're on the hunt for some recipes!