Monday, February 5, 2018

the vegan diaries: days 1-5

February 1:
I am very grouchy this morning. A coworker brought in donuts to work. Donuts generally are not vegan. I stayed strong and ate my oatmeal instead.
saddest bowl ever
The homemade coffee creamer I made was not good, despite being pretty.
I changed my lunch for the day to homemade pickles (you guys. I've made and eaten I think 5 large jars in 3 weeks now?? I have a problem) and avocado toast.
I made this last night and as of this morning it is already half empty.
I'm still planning on having Gardein seven grain tenders with hot sauce and homemade ranch tonight. The vegan ranch I made is actually not bad. Not a ringer for the real deal, but still good.
Tomorrow's menu is going to include vegan overnight oats for breakfast and who knows what else.

February 2:
Well, I found and bought this coffee creamer at Target last night and it was a major improvement. I also had the overnight oats I mentioned for breakfast and it was not bad! I did half chia / half flax seeds and added mixed berries and maple syrup to it.
For lunch I am having dill potatoes, baby carrots and tortilla chips. I think for dinner Jon is making tofu lettuce wraps. Based on how I feel after breakfast, I feel a lot less hopeless. I also found this ice cream at Target last night and it is the greatest thing to happen to me. Seriously, I will continue to buy this even once I am no longer dairy-free. SO GOOD.

February 3:
On Saturday we had dance class, I had scheduled a hair cut and we decided to take my parents dinner because my mom had a really bad week at work. I didn't really eat breakfast, for lunch I had leftover stir fry with brown rice, peanuts, brussels sprouts and broccoli. For dinner Jon made us cheeseless pizza and we picked up Buca di Beppo for my parents. My mom also made us virgin pina coladas, which are vegan if you use non-dairy milk.

February 4:
I made Jon's hot chocolate pancakes with egg substitute / vegan butter and soy milk for breakfast. For lunch I had leftover stir fry again. Dinner was my favorite tradition--appetizers for dinner in honor of the Superbowl--and on the menu we had:
1. homemade hummus and veggies
2. soy sesame sugar snap peas
3. vegan eggplant-based "queso"
5. tortilla chips with homemade guacamole and salsa

The verdict? I would never make the "queso" again (I should have stuck with the one I've made before and really liked). The buffalo cauliflower dip was SO GOOD and I will absolutely make it again - vegan or not. I loved the sugar snap peas, guac and hummus. Basically I stuffed my face until I couldn't move comfortably. 

February 5:
Maple and brown sugar oatmeal and coffee for breakfast. Leftover vegan pizza for lunch. Dinner will likely be more buffalo cauliflower dip with slices of french bread! So far I have lost 2.4 pounds.

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