Friday, March 30, 2018

five on friday

 {1} Etta is constantly keeping us on our toes. She is hands down the most demanding of our children and constantly getting into things. Jon texted me this photo the other day with the caption "trouble" and I laughed out loud.

{2} We made vegan tacos for dinner the other night and they were SO GOOD. Jon has been experimenting with different vegan cheese recipes (I will have him write his perfected one out) and I used this vegan sour cream which I actually like better than the real deal. We also added rice, lettuce, salsa, jackfruit (we buy ours for $1.99/can at Trader Joe's) and refried beans.

{3} Elden was down for the count earlier this week and yesterday Edith joined him with a fever and feeling generally miserable. Why is it they get sick at the beginning of school break every time?!

{4} I know what I want my next project to be...

{5} We have some Amazon credit and I was thinking about buying this kid-friendly DIY soap kit for the kids. I am also eyeballing this marker maker or this glow-in-the-dark putty kit. There are so many fun kits for kids on Amazon these days!

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  1. My kid wrote his name on a wall this week. I wish it would have been his body. Eeek illness at spring break is crazy - my bestie's son just got the ole strep diagnosis and today is the first day of break. have a great weekend - healthy!