Monday, March 26, 2018

great wolf lodge sandusky

A few weeks ago we headed over to Great Wolf Lodge for a quick overnight getaway. We stayed in the Kid Cabin Suite and my parents joined us for a day in the water park on Sunday.

Check-in is at 4 pm, but you can access the water park beginning at 1 pm on the day of your arrival. We discussed it and decided to try to get there right around 4 since Etta normally naps at 1. We would grab fast food on the way in so that we could eat right when we got into the room and then head over to the water park. I'm so glad we went this route because our kids ended up being done at 5:45 (Etta) and about 6:45 (Elden and Edith) anyway.

The water park ended up being pretty perfect for the younger crowd. Edith could touch the bottom of the lazy river (and the water there was so warm!) so she was really excited about that. Elden could touch the bottom of the pool attached to the water basketball courts. There were lots of little features for Etta, although my biggest complaint is that the teeny tiny people pool is right at the entrance so it's super cold over there from people coming and going all day.

It's so funny seeing how different Elden and Edith are. Edith basically ran to the water slides and asked to go on the huge tube slide with us. On Day 1 Elden said "I'm never going to go on that!" about essentially everything except the toddler slides.

When Elden and Edith were done swimming Sunday we headed to the arcade. Edith was content to just meander the arcade and pretend to play the games at her leisure. Elden discovered a claw machine that had nothing but tiny stuffed "unicorn dolphins"* and insisted on spending all his credits on that (he walked away with 3 green ones). We also won Edith 2 pink ones.

By the time we were done in the arcade Etta was asleep. In an effort to keep them from waking her we set them up in front of the TV on our side of the room with snacks. After some TV and a bath they headed to bed.

Etta woke up at 4 am ready to party. I tried to keep her quiet until 5 am but she kept petting Jon's head and yelling "DA!" so he ended up getting up with her and taking to Walmart for an hour and a half so the rest of us could sleep.

The most pleasant surprise of the trip was the fact that a Dunkin Donuts was located in the lobby. I was in line right at 7 am when they opened and there were only a few other moms (all with babies, no less) in line at that time. When I ran up to the lobby for something later (I think it was 9ish) the line to DD was insane. So I guess I'm glad I have early risers?

Jon and Etta didn't do the water park on Monday. I took Elden and Edith from the time they opened at 10 am until 10:45 because checkout was at 11 and I didn't want to deal with the locker rooms with them. On Monday, Elden got the courage to try a tube slide. Well... he got the courage until he was sitting at the top and insisted I join him. I assured him I would be right behind him and I could see him considering it so I did what every loving mother would do and I pushed him down that mother-loving slide. It was a calculated risk but one that totally paid off because he loved every second of it  and wanted to spend the rest of his time going down that particular tube slide.

We grabbed lunch again on the way home. Etta fell asleep in the car immediately after eating. It was the perfect little trip and I'm so glad we went.

If you are considering going, my advice is to bring lots of snacks and not eat at the resort. I hear the food is expensive and not very good and there are a ton of restaurants within a 3-minute radius of the hotel. We packed most of our food because each room is equipped with a mini fridge and microwave.


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