Thursday, March 15, 2018

walk out

I realized yesterday that I am a bit of an emotional baker. When I have big feelings that I can't really verbalize, I bake.

So after spending the day at work, hearing my fellow adults--parents of teenagers--disparage their children for participating in the #walkout protest yesterday... I was feeling some things.

So I baked this vegan chocolate cake (in cupcake form) and frosted them with this vegan chocolate frosting (substituting coconut oil for vegan butter which really sealed the deal).

After indulging in some cake batter, some words started to form and I tweeted this:
Maybe I'm naive since I don't currently have teenagers. But I'm perplexed by the amount / type of criticism I heard yesterday. 

We disparage teenagers for being a lazy or not caring about anything but themselves.

Then they take action and find something noble they do care about and we write them off and tell them they're too young and dumb to know better.

You don't think your child knows why they are walking out? Talk to them. Explain it to them. Have candid conversations. And give them some freaking credit. 

I'm not feeling particularly eloquent, especially since I don't have teenagers. Amy does, though, and she wrote this post that I think everyone should read.

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