Monday, March 5, 2018


Overall, the weekend was nice and low-key. Unfortunately, all three kids have runny noses and as of yesterday Elden had a fever so we are praying this isn't flu 2.0.

On Friday it had snowed overnight and while I am definitely at the point of despair in terms of winter weather, even I have to admit it was pretty.
 After dinner, I needed to shovel the drive (Jon wasn't feeling well). I had promised the kids they could play in the snow while I did that. Etta did not want to be left behind so she had her first snow experience and she loved every second. Once I was done shoveling I made a little hill in the front so the big kids could sled down it. I'm pretty sure I won mom of the year award for that one.
Once the kids were in bed I went to dinner at Aladdin's with a few girlfriends. I got the falafel wrapped and it hit all the spots.

Saturday we managed to snag an Easter mini session with Liz. I had my doubts since Etta is a honey badger but based on this sneak peek I'm pretty sure I will be giving her all my money.
The rest of Saturday was spent doing mostly nothing. Jon's parent's came by for a bit to visit with the kids. I also prepped a meal for some friends who had a new baby and that included these refrigerator pickles. For both of us.
Jon ran sound at church Sunday and given the amount of boogers draining from our children's noses I decided to stay home with them. It was a rough morning. A certain little lady wouldn't leave me alone.
My parents came over in the afternoon to see the kids. I don't think they realize how lucky they are to have four grandparents who love them senseless. All throughout the weekend we worked on putting Edith's new dresser together. We had been using an IKEA wardrobe as her dresser but after being moved three times it was totally falling apart and a major safety hazard. I am amazed at how much bigger the room feels without the giant wardrobe in it!
Finally, don't forget to enter the drawing for the heirloom seeds from Baker Creek worth $48!

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  1. "I had my doubts since Etta is a honey badger"...I LOLed so hard!