Wednesday, March 28, 2018

what's up wednesday

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What we're eating this week:

Sunday night I went on a roasting spree--I made rosemary sweet potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and thyme Brussels sprouts. I also made quinoa. This allowed me to make grain bowls with a balsamic vinegar drizzle. I also got sprout chips out of the deal which is never a bad thing:

I also desperately want to make sauerkraut soup again this week.

What I'm reminiscing about:

Pip is such a ridiculous cat. In addition to acting like a dog and playing fetch, he loves to cuddle in the oddest positions. I dub this position 'slinky cat.'

What I'm loving:

I can always tell where Edith has been...

What we've been up to:

We've just been trying to survive. I've been slowly going through the kids' toys and getting rid of them. I need to get rid of more. I'd like to refresh the laundry area of our basement but I'm not really sure the best way to go about doing that. I like this inspiration:
{image source}
What I'm dreading:

Etta is a big bully. We've really been struggling with her thanks to headbutting (see bloody lip above), hitting, etc. Elden and Edith never acted like this so it's totally thrown us off. Each day I worry about whether I will walk away with an injury.

What I'm working on:
Saving for Disney! I mentioned yesterday that I am well on my way to my savings goal (I am currently at 18%). This is partially due to the fact that I have hit an all-time earning of $1000 on Swagbucks. If you want help getting started on Swagbucks, I have a private group you can join on Facebook

What I'm excited about:

Warm temperatures. We are so beyond stir crazy. We need to get outside.

What I'm watching:

The Goldbergs, Modern Family, Superstore.

What I'm listening to:

I've actually greatly preferred silence over music lately. Have I mentioned we are stir crazy?

What I'm wearing:

Nothing of note.

What I'm doing:

I really need to kick my butt into high gear and finish the kids' bathroom. I'd like to have it done before our master bath is done which means I need to get going on it!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

The return of New Girl! I am so sad it's the last season but so excited about what's in store.

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