Tuesday, April 10, 2018

favorite new money-making apps

It's no secret I have been a money-saving machine for Disney. Well, in addition to the apps I have been using regularly, I also found a few new ones that I am obsessed with and I can't believe I didn't know about them prior to now.

{1} Fetch Rewards. If you are familiar with Ibotta this is a similar concept--you take a photo of your receipt and it automatically finds 'points' to add to your account based on the brands you bought (some of the big ones you get rewards for are Jell-O, Dove, Aquafina, Ben and Jerry's, Blue Moon, Campbell's, and seriously so many more). You'll also get 200 points for every receipt even if you don't have purchases of the brands affiliated with the app. The points can be redeemed for gift cards to places like Amazon, Target, Kohl's, Mastercard, etc. and it adds up so fast. A $3 gift card = 3000 points but considering you can get a ton of points easily--1000 for buying 1 Dove deodorant, 500 for Jell-O cups, etc. you can redeem for gift cards in no time. If you use the code FB2WH when you download the app you will automatically get $2 after you upload your first receipt.

{2} Receipt Hog. This is similar to Fetch Rewards. Upload any receipt for any retailer and get coins. Coins can be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon or PayPal deposits. It takes a minute or less to upload a picture of your receipt. This one is a slower earner than Fetch Rewards but an earner nonetheless.

The list of other apps I use religiously can be found here. Between these apps and Swagbucks, I am at 19% of my savings goal for vacation.

The other budgeting tip we've been following lately is saving any gift cards we get from promotions at places like Target--the ones where if you spend X amount or buy X items you get an extra Target gift card--to buy the kids' birthday and Christmas presents this year. We're already at about $70 by stocking up on our essentials (diapers, paper towels, etc.) when they run these promotions. Doing this is an easy way to pay for holidays without breaking the bank when the time comes! It is especially helpful since all our kids' birthdays and Christmas fall within 4 months of each other.

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  1. I downloaded Fetch Rewards about a month ago and love it. I'll have to check out Receipt Hog.