Friday, April 20, 2018

five on friday

{1} I finally got my Ring doorbell thanks to this crazy good promotion for $50! Technically it is a very early birthday gift from my parents but I am so freaking excited.

{2} Edith is constantly cracking us up. She has approximately five states of being: a) butt naked, b) nothing but underwear and a necklace, c) dress up clothes, d) footed pajamas, and e) nothing but a swimsuit. On this particular night, she chose to combine Etta's peacock costume and footed pajamas while we read a story before bed.

{3} Etta is our resident troublemaker. We didn't have to baby proof anything with the older two (besides stair gates). Etta has decided to make up for them tenfold. She stamped on my walls, I painted it that day, and then she colored in nearly the same spot I had painted the next day. She cannot be trusted alone. Definitely our most mischievous child - she is giving me many gray hairs.

{4} I am obsessed with the Fetch Rewards app. I've had it 2 weeks and I've already redeemed for $15 worth of Target gift cards. So easy! If you are familiar with Ibotta this is a similar concept--you take a photo of your receipt and it automatically finds 'points' to add to your account based on the brands you bought (some of the big ones you get rewards for are Jell-O, Dove, Aquafina, Ben and Jerry's, Blue Moon, Campbell's, and seriously so many more). You'll also get 200 points for every receipt even if you don't have purchases of the brands affiliated with the app. The points can be redeemed for gift cards to places like Amazon, Target, Kohl's, Mastercard, etc. and it adds up so fast. A $3 gift card = 3000 points but considering you can get a ton of points easily--1000 for buying 1 Dove deodorant, 500 for Jell-O cups, etc. you can redeem for gift cards in no time. If you use the code FB2WH when you download the app you will automatically get $2 after you upload your first receipt.

{5} Want to know what's not my favorite?? The weather lately. It has snowed at least three times in the past week. Probably more. I don't know, I'm too salty and I lost track. This is definitely turning out to be one of those springs where we won't actually get a spring. We're going straight from 6 months of winter to scorching summer heat, that's my prediction.

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