Friday, April 27, 2018

five on friday

It's my end of quarter at work so it has been a week. Grateful for the impending time off!
{1} Elden's pet shrimp are still alive and well and multiplying like rabbits. Jon cleaned the tank this week and counted 30. We started at 10 and we know there are more than what he was able to see...

{2} The bathroom is coming together! It doesn't look like it will be done by the end of day today, but we are hoping our contractor can do all the drywall work that needs done so Jon and I can work on some of the finishes (painting, laying the floor, putting up trim, etc.) over the weekend and he can come finish up anything outstanding on Monday. We'll see!

{3} I bit the bullet and bought that magical Winky Lux lipstick that went viral a while back and I was SO surprised! It really did turn my lips a nice shade of pink! I will not be sharing a photo of it on at the moment because my chin looks like a war zone and I don't need to subject you to that.

{4} Along the same vein as the lipstick, I bought a few packs of these pore strips. I'm a BIG fan of the Tonymoly foot peels and I read some reviews about their pore strips. I will say I didn't see a huge amount of goop on the strip when I peeled it off, but I could definitely feel a huge difference after I used it--both to physical touch and just the sensation of my pores being clean. I will definitely be buying more of these.

{5} Spring is finally here in Ohio! Thank goodness!

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  1. I need to try those pore strips!! I am so tired of staring at all my blackheads. It’s really getting on my nerves. Pet shrimp!! How fun is that?! Happy Weekend to you! And goodbye to the quarter close! Woohoo!