Friday, April 6, 2018

friday favorites

 {1} Yesterday I mentioned the fact that this is the winter that will not die. In an effort to flick off mother nature, Jon and I took the kids to the zoo on Saturday when the high got up to a balmy 42F. Elden and Edith wore their pajamas because we've lost our will to fight. 

{2} In an effort to lull myself into a false sense of spring, I picked up some hyacinths last time we went to Trader Joe's. Tulips are my favorite flowers but hyacinths might just knock them into second because I cannot get enough of their scent.

 {3} Not a Pinterest fail! I saw a super cute pin with strawberry "carrots" in cupcakes and decided to make them for Easter. I used these candy melts (not vegan) and made our favorite vegan chocolate cake (in cupcake form) with our favorite vegan chocolate frosting (substituting coconut oil for vegan butter). The cake was super crumbly so that was a bit challenging but many cupcakes survived.

{4} Speaking of chocolate, I picked up a tub of brownie batter dessert hummus from Aldi last week and it is a big hit. Etta wore her finest outfit to go ham on it with a spoon. I prefer dipping pretzels in it but to each her own.
{5} This little lady is constantly cracking us up. Edith is nothing if not sure of herself. She's the child Jon and I think we will need to bail out of jail at some point in her lifetime because she does what she wants and consequence will not deter her. That being said, she is sweet as pie 87% of the time and loves making you laugh.

{6} Latest buys. I'm a nosy Nellie and I love hearing about what things people are purchasing on Amazon. We don't have a Prime account so we don't order from Amazon often, but when we do it's usually a weird hodgepodge of items. This week's order included vegan hair styling cream and a vegan shaving brush for Jon, some vegan white miso paste, and one pound of nutritional yeast. So, you know...totally normal things.

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  1. Your cupcakes are so cute! Not a fail at all! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your kids are cute as can be. Thanks for commenting on your blog, so I could find yours. :) I also love seeing what others order online, because I get so many great ideas! Have a great weekend!