Monday, April 16, 2018


I had been sick basically all of last week/over the weekend which means I did not go to the gym once.

Can't say I was disappointed.

I may not have exercised once, but I did finally make progress on the kids' bathroom that we started in October. A project I assumed would take me two weeks, tops.

Tasks completed include: hanging the mirror and shelf, touching up paint on the walls and doors, painting the ceiling, and chiseling out the entry door and door frame to accommodate a new handle. We still have to replace the vanity top (painting it did not go well; we have a new top on order and are just waiting its arrival), replace the outlet/light switch, chisel out the closet door to put in that new knob, and I'd really like to switch out the light fixture. Our master bath remodel starts a week from today so Jon and I will be using this bathroom for a bit which is why I felt so compelled to finally finish this project.

At the beginning of the weekend it was actually really warm (it got into the 80s at one point!) so we spent a lot of time outside during the day. And now it's supposed to snow today. I hate everything.

Yesterday at church, Elden and Edith ran off and I couldn't find them. I passed our sanctuary twice and peeked in but didn't see them. On my third pass I happened to notice a certain little Poppy-esque ponytail that served as a locator beacon:
Today's task at hand: surviving. 

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