Monday, April 23, 2018


This weekend was one of those weekends that was so busy it didn't really feel like a weekend. Without boring you with too many details, it involved a trip to Cedar Point to pick up the kids' preschool passes, dance class, lots of errands, lots of coughing fits, a long day at church, and lots of house projects.
Jon finished pulling out the tiles in our bathroom over the weekend and discovered additional rot on the right side of the floor by the shower. Our contractor is coming today, though, so I am hoping to see progress on this sooner rather than later!

Elden took this selfie with Littlefoot on Saturday. This was Jon's stuffed animal as a kid and I am so glad Elden loves it as well.

It was FINALLY warm in Ohio! And sunny! Like a unicorn! While Jon ran sound at church on Sunday I kept the kids home because I had to head out there in the afternoon for some safety training. We spent a decent amount of time outside because the weather was fantastic. Etta was super mad when it was time to go in.

The vanity countertop for the kids' bathroom finally arrived so I took the kids to Lowe's to get it. I'm pretty certain that after witnessing what a handful (understatement of the year) Etta was, the young man who helped me will never have children. While my parents were over on Sunday evening Jon and I took out the old top and set this one into place. I still need to finish spackling and painting the walls by it and then caulk it, but we are getting so close to being done with this bathroom.

Speaking of the world's biggest handful, this little girl sure is something. The speed and skill with which she gets into everything makes it seem like there are a lot more of her than one tiny little person. If there was a stronger adjective than honeybadger, it would still not adequately describe Etta. Parenting her has been one of our bigger challenges to date, but the days when I feel like I am going to need committed, she seems to pick up on that and find the right times to bring a book over and sink into me to read. We are exhausted. She is exhausting. I hope we can harness her powers for good because if we do she will change the world in a day.

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