Wednesday, April 11, 2018

nine on ten

This month's ten on ten fell on a Tuesday.

 My alarm went off at 6:14. I am still fighting a pretty bad cold and I got up twice during the night (once for Edith and once for Elden) so I snoozed a bit. 

 As usual, I stayed in bed for about 15 minutes and did Swagbucks. I was able to complete almost all of my To Do list before I left for work.

 I brewed my daily cup of coffee and got Elden and Edith their requested baby coffee (chocolate milk). I pack my lunch the night before so I was able to just grab it and go...

 ...but not before hugs and kisses from my big kids.

 On this particular day I had to stop by one of our fabricators on my way into work to pick up some parts needed to finish installing some paint booths in our new lab. Since the field engineer was on site and needed these parts to complete the install I couldn't wait for them to send it over on their trucks.

Right as I got into work I got this text from Jon. I had no idea it was even #equalpayday so Jon definitely wins the feminist award of the day. I love how supportive he is of me and our girls (and obviously Elden, too!)

So Etta found this old Rosita Happy Meal toy from the movie Sing. This was / is her most beloved object. She no longer sings. I couldn't unscrew her to access the batteries because they were triangular screws (!?). So I took her into work. We successfully unscrewed her but of course she was also glued shut. It took 4 engineers, 20 minutes and $10 worth of new batteries (ugh) and Rosita lives! She's a little worse for the wear since we had to scrape the seams to get in but she sings.

For lunch I brought a vegan version of this quinoa cauliflower chowder, a banana, and a few cuties in an effort to better fight my cold. Then our local Jimmy John's came and delivered some sample subs. Selah!

At about 3:15 I headed home for the day where I was greeted by a certain clingy little girl.

And the rest of the day was basically a sickness-induced blur. I pretty much sat around at every opportunity. I did watch the season premiere of New Girl but in my sick haze did not take any photos.

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