Thursday, April 5, 2018

sup (in gifs)

Today marks the 312th day of winter in Cleveland and I am feeling a certain way about it.
I woke up to discover I hadn't run the dishwasher. This meant no travel mug which meant no coffee. Thankfully I had a free beverage from Dunkin so I decided to stop on my way into work via mobile ordering before I left home. Easy peasy.

Get to highway and bam. Gridlock. It's less than a few miles I have to take this particular highway to get to the entrance to the highway I take the majority of my commute, but I did what any respectful person would do and I sat there for 25 minutes straight. Lo and behold, someone decided they were above the law and would just take the shoulder around all of us. Imagine the--for lack of a better term--justice-boner I got when a state trooper who was one lane to my left and a few cars ahead immediately pulled that driver over. Here is actual footage of me at approximately 6:43 am as I watched this unfold:
Suffice to say, that made sitting in traffic feel okay.

I'm getting off track. Endless winter. The last two Ohio winters were super mild so I totally knew it would catch up to us eventually. Ohio is a fantastic place to live--the cost of living is insanely amazing, there are so many great job opportunities, access to world-class healthcare, and Cleveland has been totally revamped into an incredible place to explore and--my favorite past time--eat. The only thing not going for Ohio is the winter. I have a friend from Texas who has expressed interest in moving out this way should the opportunity present itself and one of the first things I warned her about is the fact that our winter pretty much runs November through (not to!) April. Snow in May is not unheard of. It's depressing enough when you are an adult who doesn't have to deal with little tyrants but an entirely different beast when you are housebound with hyperactive honeybadgers. As of now, this is basically what our house looks like when I get home from work:
...that would be Jon on the floor and Etta wielding the flying torch. All five of us are ready for spring. Nay. We need spring. Except this is Ohio. We will have winter until June and then catapult straight into 90-degrees and 300% humidity. #prayforus

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