Monday, April 30, 2018


One of these days I'm going to schedule a weekend with nothing to do. That's not going to happen any time soon, though, because we have plans every Saturday through the end of June.

This weekend was primarily spent with family and doing house projects.
On Saturday, Jon helped a landscaper fill in the big holes in our backyard and grade/seed it. That means I was parenting solo all day and it was EXHAUSTING. I do not know how Jon survives every single day because he doesn't even drink coffee.

 The big kids watched the Rugrats movie and it made Edith very upset at some points.

 I ordered a pizza on Saturday night and was watching the porch for the delivery driver. I saw motion, then the flood lights turned on, so I ran to the door. No one was there. I freaked out. Then I replayed the video and noticed the fat raccoon that lives under our deck putzing around.

 My sister is home! She brought a bunch of stuff over to my house, including a mini doughnut maker so Jon made the kids doughnuts for breakfast on Sunday.

We are getting so close. We painted the bulk of the bathroom (except where the contractor needed to patch drywall around the shower) and Jon laid the floors. We are hoping the contractor will be done today and we can add any finishing touches that are required ourselves!

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  1. Your weekends sound very much like ours. I am longing for a lazy weekend at home with NOTHING to do! I'm thinking we just might need a mini doughnut maker. That is awesome!