Wednesday, May 9, 2018

early mother's day celebration

Last night we took the kids to Bomba to celebrate Mother's Day a little bit early because 1) kids eat free on Tuesdays and 2) who wants to fight all the crowds on the day itself?

We never take the kids to sit down restaurants because it is really stressful trying to get them to behave and I'm never terribly excited to spend $8 on some food they likely won't eat. I was nervous because I don't think we've ever taken Etta to a restaurant and even though Bomba had items like cheese quesadillas and popcorn chicken with fries on their children's menu, Elden is known for being a royal pain in the butt when it comes to food.

I'm happy to report that it was an amazing meal and the kids did fantastic! Jon had to take Etta outside to walk the plaza after we ordered because homegirl was hangry but Elden and Edith colored and patiently waited for the food. In a shocking turn of events, Elden ordered chicken tacos and Edith ordered popcorn chicken (we thought for sure they would have chosen popcorn chicken and cheese quesadillas, respectively), and we ordered Etta chicken tacos as well. Jon got a hodgepodge of vegan-friendly appetizers  (plantains, yucca fries and ancient grains) as well as two zucchini tacos. In the greatest gift of all, he encouraged me to do the 10 tacos for $30 deal all for myself so I could have leftover tacos today. I got four Rio-style chicken, two zucchini, two charred kale and corn, one classic beef and one classic chicken. I think the Rio-style chicken remains my favorite, followed closely by the charred kale and corn. I also had a watermelon basil margarita that was life-giving.
Once the food came the kids basically inhaled it. Etta ate both hers and Elden's pico de gallo.
Elden took selfies.
Edith (who didn't want any pictures taken of her) didn't sit with food in her mouth, chewing for eight million minutes like she typically does. Since everyone did so great, we decided to reward them with Menchie's after. In spite of moving when Elden was not quite three, he remembers Menchie's and would ask to go there basically any time we were near our old house (which is by church and the pediatrician, so we are there often). I'm pretty sure yesterday was the first time we'd been back in close to three years! Etta was a huge fan:
Honestly, it was my favorite Mother's Day yet. Nights like yesterday remind me that this hard season of shrieking, irrational tiny people is indeed a season and that eventually we will be able to all sit down and enjoy a meal together. I really like this clan of misfits.

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