Tuesday, May 1, 2018

elden at 5.5

As Elden gets older I am planning on phasing out of talking about him a bit on the blog. He has already started to voice his independence--telling me not to take pictures of him at specific times and whatnot--and I want to respect his privacy as he ages.

So naturally I'm kicking off this privacy campaign by over-sharing about him.

Elden is my most sensitive child. Even though we've always reassured him it's okay to cry, he has started trying to hide when he does. This kind of breaks my heart because I never want him to be ashamed of his emotions. He is a BIG helper with his siblings. He also helps me when I volunteer in the toddler room at church. Elden thrives as a big brother and always comments about how remarkably cute Etta is. Lest you think he loves being a big brother at all times, he recently told me he doesn't want any more babies. (#preach) 

Elden is finishing up his last year at preschool. He's nervous but also excited about starting kindergarten in the fall. Elden is my best eater and it's rarely a battle to get him to finish his meals. He loves all things creative activities and could color through a ream of paper in a day if you let him. He is also a hoarder collector and I find the most random objects throughout the house that he's collected. 

Today is Elden's first ever show and tell and he has been agonizing over what he wants to bring. For over a week he was looking through his collections, making lists, asking us for suggestions, etc. As of last night, he had landed on a smash geode Aunt Jacqui bought him and Edith. 

Elden's current favorite TV show is Yu Gi Oh. He is still pretty shy but I've noticed him coming out of his shell a bit more, especially around kids his age. His favorite restaurant is McDonald's, primarily due to the fact that you get a toy with your meal. He loves to play outside and dig holes. He also loves to read (this book currently terrifies but also fascinates him and he's always asking us to read it to him). Elden hasn't been as much of a cuddler as he was when he was younger, but when he gets hurt he wants you to love on him. He often challenges us when we tell him to do something and tries to find ways to get out of it, but he's getting better in this area. He can be so stubborn but he can also be the biggest sweetheart ever.

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