Wednesday, May 2, 2018

etta at 1.5

This little lady... where do I even begin? Etta has given us a run for our money in a big way. Edith is a firecracker but Etta is a nuclear bomb. You cannot take your eyes off her for a second. She is a runner, she has a way of sneaking things she shouldn't have (chocolate to be consumed under the shelter of the dining room table, markers and crayons to color on the walls, etc.) and she leaves a path of destruction everywhere she goes. 

I also think she looks the most like Jon out of the kids:

Etta doesn't talk much. Well, she has been chatting away a lot lately but it's all gibberish. The words she says regularly include: mom, Pip, eat, Oma (as she hands me my phone in an effort to FaceTime her) and no. 'Mom' is definitely her favorite word and it's a sweet little broken record when I'm on the phone with Jon or at home. Speaking of mom being her favorite word... Mom is also her favorite person and she is like a barnacle when I am home. She must be touching me at all times. As sweet as it is, it can be exhausting (and you know it must be bad if someone who's main love language is touch says so).

Etta has a very healthy appetite. She loves to eat, a lady after my own heart. She does not like you feeding her and will smack your hand away or take the utensil so she can do it herself. She also loves being outside and can open all the doors in the house so now we need to keep doors locked at all times, otherwise she escapes. Her motor skills are crazy impressive and she can scale a ladder to the top bunk in the big kids' room or to a slide in no time. Etta loves playing with her Spark kitchen sink or really anything having to do with water. Her giggle is amazing and we love her so much.

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