Friday, May 4, 2018

five on friday

My Friday has started off very bumpy and I am feeling all kinds of prednisone-induced roid rage so let's get to it.
{1} Elden was fidgeting with my phone yesterday and when I got it back I discovered 283 selfies and videos. Never a dull moment.

{2} The bathroom remodel is getting so close! Our contractor finished his portion on Monday and Jon and I have been doing the rest. So far we've primed, painted the walls and ceiling, and installed the vanity and a new door knob. We still have to put up the trim, install the toilet, hang the mirror/towel bar/cabinet and caulk. Then we are done!

{3} We are waiting until we are totally done with the room to use the shower because there is still a gap between the shower pan and vinyl flooring and we don't want water to drip down and mess up the subfloor (a rotting subfloor is what triggered this whole remodel to begin with). I used my Shop Your Way rewards to get a free shower caddy and squeegee for the new shower and I am anxiously awaiting their use.

{4} Tonight we are making this vegan macaroni and cheese for dinner and I'm actually super excited about it. We've had it before and it is delicious.

{5} I'm totally obsessed with our Ring. The kids are, too, and love being able to talk to me while I'm at work by ringing the bell.

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