Monday, May 21, 2018

life lately

Life has been pretty frantic lately. Between finishing up our master bath remodel and then preparing for a yard sale this past weekend, many household tasks fell by the wayside.

I made vegan chocolate chip cookies. I did something wrong because when they were baked half looked weird. They tasted good, though!

On Mother's Day I took this selfie with my three little people:

My dad also got me these flowers. (And today is his birthday! Happy birthday, Dad!)

Our favorite ice cream place opened up their new shop so we went on opening day to check it out. It's close to our library and offers several vegan flavors so I see lots of ice cream trips in our near future!

We've spent a lot of time outside. Edith was rocking her magical shirt that goes from white to colorful in the sun from her Aunt Jacqui.

The older two had Moana dance camp. One of our friends generously gave Edith an extra Moana outfit she could wear during it.

I have been living off red onions and bell peppers. I saute them up in water (instead of oil) and add salt and taco seasoning we got from Costco until tender. I have added them to pasta and rice and I also eat it by itself. I can't get enough.

We went to my parent's house this weekend. My mom kept some of our childhood toys and Edith's favorites are my Polly Pockets. They were one of my favorite toys as a little girl so it's really exciting to see her love on them like I did.

Last night was the night I attempted to reclaim our kitchen. We finally weaned Etta off formula and the bottle so I was able to get rid of the bottle drying rack next to the sink. I also moved all the first aid/medicine stuff I had in one cabinet which freed up space to declutter some of the counters and the top of the fridge. I also swept, mopped, scrubbed the counters, and cleaned the disgusting windows by the table where the kids sit.
It doesn't look like much but there was definitely a huge difference in this room! I am taking decluttering our lives a lot more seriously and I purged three grocery bags worth of stuff from 1 drawer and 3 cabinets.

Now that our master bath remodel is totally done, our next big project is going to be tearing out the carpet and railings in the front room, foyer and dining room and replacing it with the same laminate in our living room. We also need to tear up the kids' bathroom floor and lay the same vinyl that's in our bathroom. I'm putting that off because I'm guessing the subfloor is damaged and I'm not really sure how to fix that ourselves. 

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