Friday, May 11, 2018

ten on ten

Technically my day started around 2:30 am thanks to thunderstorms waking up Elden.
Here's a fun little tidbit about Elden--he is in the 98th percentile for height. Currently, he sleeps in a twin bed.. sideways. He surrounds himself with blankets and stuffed animals and calls it his nest. So when he woke up to the storm I crawled into the bottom half of his bed with him and attempted to sleep. While I attempted to sleep, he would periodically inform me it was indeed thundering, that he saw lightning, etc. Between the lack of space, Elden talking, and Pip trying to get cuddles, I am not entirely convinced I even got the light sleep my Fitbit indicated during that time.

A lousy night's sleep was made up for in the form of doughnuts that a coworker brought in!

One of my favorite parts of the day is when the kids call me on the Ring. Etta frantically waves once I am able to say hi to her over the doorbell.

For lunch I had leftovers -- it was actually spaghetti my mother-in-law made! 

After work we had dinner. Then I had to try to make Edith's dance costume less itchy because she lost her mind whenever I slid it on.

I used duct tape and hot glue at the recommendation of her studio but she still said it was too itchy. Edith is definitely triggered by specific sensations--she HATES seams on socks and tights, for instance--so I ended up putting her in her swimsuit underneath. That worked perfectly, so off to dance pictures we went!

After dance pictures we rushed home because we needed to drop the van off at the auto shop. While Jon took care of that, I got the kids bathed, teeth brushed, and we read a book.

Around the time we finished reading, Jon and his parents arrived (they brought him back from the shop) so we let the kids go down to spend a few minutes with them.

While the kids played with Jon's parents I finished spraying the dandelions in the front yard.

And my favorite part of Thursdays once the kids are in bed: JERSDAY! Yes, Jersey Shore Family Reunion is my guiltiest of pleasures.

It was a slower paced Thursday than I'm used to and I'm not complaining in the least.

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