Wednesday, June 13, 2018

cedar point

On Monday, my dad and I took the big kids to Cedar Point for the day and it ended up being a blast! We stayed from 10-5:15 and the kids could have stayed longer if we let them.
 Waiting for CP's version of 'rope drop.'
 This girl is my fearless wild child. She specifically asked me if she could ride the coaster by herself:
Cedar Point has a petting zoo. There were baby goats and sheep that the kids were obsessed with. They also fed the animals and pet cows, ponies, bunnies, alpaca, sheep, goats, turkeys, and pigs. We spent probably 45 minutes just in the petting zoo area.
 The kids conned my dad into buying them stuffed parrots.
This was the portion of the day where I was ready to vomit from all the spinning rides. Thank God for my dad for stepping in while I sat in the kids' double stroller like the queen I am.
 We ended the day on the carousel.
We dropped my dad off then headed home for baths and bed. This little lady lasted a lot longer than I thought she would on the ride home.
It was a great day and hopefully next year Etta will be big enough to join us!

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