Friday, June 1, 2018

five on friday

{1} Elden graduates preschool on Monday (!!) and in lieu of caps and gowns they want us to dress the kids up. Considering we rarely go to events that require dressing up and Elden grows a foot every other week, we need to go shopping. I found this outfit on Amazon for less than $19 and I want to get it for him so bad! Unfortunately, I don't know that it will get here in time so we are heading to the mall tonight to see what our options are.

{2} This peanut has been throwing us for a loop lately. She used to relish the limelight but that's switched the past few weeks. Now she usually does not like if you laugh when she does or says something funny, she does not want you to call her cute, etc. She's more camera shy than usual and I don't know whether it is a phase or coming into herself or what. She is so sweet though and I need to do a 3.5 year old post on her!

{3} This was my favorite dinner of the week - buffalo roasted cauliflower tacos! I added grilled corn on the cob, brown rice, lettuce, cheese, avocado, and a little bit of ranch. I'm salivating.

{4} I took the big kids to the pool over the weekend and we almost went blind the entire time we were there. I hopped on Target to get them some sunglasses. I originally got Etta this pair but as soon as Edith saw them she traded hers with Etta. Etta didn't mind one bit.

{5} And of course, I couldn't leave Elden out. I got him this pair and he absolutely loves them. 

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